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Hi everyone! I am so excited to present to all of you a new project I am working on. Recently, Jackie Clark emailed me with a wonderful idea about encouraging exposure towards the public about cancer patient's struggles, mostly concerning ones with mesothelioma. I, of course, couldn't pass up the offer, for this subject is very delicate and important to myself and the whole world. Jackie believes the importance to feel beautiful no matter what the circumstances are influences all aspects of life. Through these next few articles, I hope all of you can learn to appreciate the beauty you possess! Enjoy the article and please give feedback. 

Feeling Beautiful No Matter What
By: Jackie Clark

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating and for women, it is particularly crushing to know that the only cure available to you will more than likely affect your looks. Chemotherapy causes bloating for some, chronic nausea and weight loss for others, and the majority of the harsh chemicals used to treat this disease can cause hair loss. For women diagnosed with a cancer with low survival rates, such as mesothelioma, focusing on a beauty regimen may seem futile. This is far from the truth.

Build Confidence

Fashion is a wonderful way to feel strong and many doctors believe that confidence may go a long way toward defeating cancer. There has been significant research on the power of positive thinking in cancer treatment, and for women, feeling beautiful helps to build confidence and strength. The fact is that all women need to feel beautiful no matter what circumstances they are in, and a focus on fashion, beauty and feeling good about the way you look is one of the first steps toward fighting a disease that can have devastating effects on your body.

Inner Fashionista

One of the best ways to feel beautiful is to get in touch with your inner fashionista. Put on that flirty, bright skirt and cheerful top to go to the grocery store. For days when you are too exhausted to get dressed, put on some satin or silk pajamas that will make you feel luxurious and beautiful. Paint your nails a bright, cheerful color. By simply focusing on fashion during treatment, you will find that your confidence has grown and you will feel much stronger simply because you are taking a proactive stance.

Look Good…Feel Better

Because feeling beautiful, building confidence and feeling stronger are all part of battling cancer, the American Cancer Society offers a program called “Look Good…Feel Better” that teaches female cancer patients beauty tips specifically designed for those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. The program can be performed in a group setting or one-on-one, and patients can learn to manage skin, nail and hair problems that arise during cancer treatment. The program is free and you can find information at the American Cancer Society website.

Cancer is a devastating diagnosis for both men and women, but the fact that the cure for this disease can cause such serious damage to looks is particularly difficult for women to face. Hair loss, bloating, and loss of color are some of the minor side effects that can occur in cancer treatment. For some, surgeries can leave permanent scars that can cause devastating effects on a woman, and being diagnosed with mesothelioma, with its low survival rate, can cause someone to completely ignore the importance of beauty and fashion. The fact is, confidence and positive thinking have been shown to aid in the treatment of cancer, and feeling beautiful is one of the best ways for a woman to build confidence and feel stronger.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you have achieved a higher understanding for the importance of this topic and choose to apply it to your everyday life through this article. Have a happy holidays!

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