Spinning in LA: An amazing and surprisingly addictive workout

The ever-increasing fan base of spinning, also known as indoor cycling, has increased to its highest level yet. Spinning has evolved into a sport where trendy hangout spots offer 1 hour classes for a high price. Although the price is steep, a sensational workout is guaranteed. These spinning businesses blast loud music and hire energized instructors that motivate their customers. Although I consider myself a penny pincher, this pricey workout is worth my money. Now you may be silently asking me, why not join a gym that offers spin classes? Well, I have tried countless gyms in Los Angeles that charge a lower fee, but none truly meets the level of an true spinning joint that focuses specifically on achieving a great workout on an indoor cycle. I have not stopped going to spin class ever since I started, and the results are remarkable! Spinning helps me achieve a toned body and burn unwanted fat. I truly feel healthier and more energetic. I would recommend the practice to ANYONE.

Listed below are some of my favorite spin "institutions" in the Los Angeles Area:

Although one of the most expensive, SoulCycle is my favorite spinning class. The energy and dedication of the instructors are unbeatable, and it is the most fun! The chic decor, amenities, and cleanliness validate the high price tag. The only downside of this spinning heaven is the slight air of greediness. Shoes and water are extra, and the clothing sold on location is almost triple it's worth. Also, they don't offer any bargains when it comes to purchasing multiple classes at a time (series), which is extremely disappointing and seems a little wolfish. 

Revolution Fitness
This place offers a solid spinning class. I enjoy the instructors and the large TV that plays catchy music videos along with the music. I feel as if the instructors are less hands-on though. Revolution also doesn't offer a full body workout with weights. I do appreciate the the layout of the room and option to wear regular running shoes instead of buying or renting spinning shoes. The price for one class is also cheaper, which is great if you have a lower budget. Revolution Fitness also offers a great barre and yoga class which I reccomend! 

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